(Julie Folio, Henry Mann, Stephanie Irvine, Laure Clement and Mike Donnerstag)

Every year at the Newark School of Violin Making, happen what we call a fiddle race.
The aim is making a violin in 24 hours. There is six teams of five students from different levels : foundation year, first, second and third year students. For a long time the themes were associated to traditional violin making like “Copy of an Italian violin, maker of your choice”, but until last year, for 3 years, the themes got “crazier” as the fiddle race is suppose to be not a competition but a time for team spirit and fun. The year 2015, the chosen theme was “Inspired by Culture“.
So my team and I started working on the Mayans culture : their lifestyle, architecture, religion, cult, arts, sciences etc…

Those are what we mainly used for the design of our fiddle. It is actually in finishing process (cleaning, polishing…) and soon ready to be varnished.

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As it has been made in three days, I am re-working on it to make sure that everything works properly. The main dimensions such as the length of the body and the neck, the width and ribs height are based on Stradivari measurements : that means that the player will not feel any or much difference while playing compare to another classical violin. All accessories such as chin rest and shoulder rest also fits the instrument.

Click here to see and hear the instrument played !

“A bit of Mago de Oz closing the night. Thanks for the opportunity of playing with your creations, really miss my own violin, but they were good replacements”    Rebeca, spanish violinist playing on the video above, about the instrument.

Money wise, the price needs to be discuss as the instrument is still to be finished but if you are interested in the violin, please contact us.



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