Luthiers Sans Frontières – UK relies mainly on its members and the donations of supporters.
By far, the biggest expense for any mission is airfares. Those are always eye-wateringly expensive. In 2015, we’ve spent £1234 per person (we were three people) and in 2016 £1500 in total for two persons (lucky plane tickets day !)
The next expense is obviously : tools. Any tools we buy for the missions are then distributed to the students, allowing them to start working on their own. We’ve spend around £2000 in 2015 as we had a grant from the Fresh Leaf Charitable Foundation, in 2016 about £450-500 as we had more tools donated. We also keep note of what our students have been given already so we know what we need the most. Most of the accessories as bridges, strings, fittings (old or new) are sourced from contacts within the violin trade and donated to the partner schools. Tools can be donated too.
Occasionally, instruments are provided as well but our overriding aim is to teach repair and maintenance and encourage self-sufficiency.

If you read our 2016 report, you will realize that one of our aim is also trying to not bring much things that our students could make themselves and make them use local wood for repairs instead of the European one.

Here’s a list of tools needed (new or second hand). If you have anything not on this list that you would like to send us, please contact us before to make sure it would be useful to our students :

– Bridges
– Tail pieces
– Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello, Double bass)
– End pin, Button
– Top Nut
– Pegs
– Files
– Planes
– Clamps (G clamps, repair clamps…)
– Knives
– Chisels… (Any tools really)
– Set up tools
Bow hair
– Sharpening stones

You’re a musician ?

Do not forget that your used strings can still have a life overseas and be used on other instruments !


You’re part of the violin trade ?

You can help by not throwing used fittings and strings away ! We can use old bridges, pegs, strings, end pins, soundpost etc… And tools ! Check our list above !


You’re both or neither ?

A donation of any size will grant the opportunity for these talented Haitian artisans to realize their full potential.

We welcome new members, offers of violin/bow tools and materials (strings in packets, bow hair etc.), and donations to fund travel costs.


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