Founded in 1865 by Emile Aubert in Mirecourt (France), French capital of violin making since the end of the 16th century, Aubert Lutherie manufactures bridges that meet the specific instrument makers’ expectations. Since 1987, they started manufacturing instruments.

Last year, we got in touch with them about our mission in Grand Goâve (Haiti), calling for donations to fund our project. We were pleasantly surprised to receive a fairly quick and positive answer. They offered us 500 bridges for violins and violas !

In Haiti we usually use used bridges donated by different workshop which are great and really useful : our students need to find a bridge that fit the instrument, or can be refitted, and then set up the string height. This huge donation allowed us to equip our student in new and decent bridges so they could learn how to fit, trim, arch a bridge from A to Z. Aubert Lutherie also allowed us to use a small part of the donation for a tombola that took place in the Newark School of Violin Making, thanks to this we managed to raise almost £400 to buy tools.



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