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Hello everybody !

Today I’m introducing you to our new volunteer for this year mission to Haiti : Garri !

Svavar Garri Kristjánsson, coming from Iceland, has finished the Newark School of Violin Making in June 2016. He’s now working at Tim Toft Violins in Stone (UK). During his time at school, in addition to the school program, he’s been experimenting quite a bit on instruments and worked to deepen his knowledge on bow repairs.

He’s also made what is called “Stroh” violin/viola/cello/bass which is kind of the first kind of amplified bowed instrument.
Here’s an example of what it can look like and one he’s made :

We’re are really happy to welcome Garri in the team. His interest and his curiosity about music and instrument making and repair will, for sure, fascinate our students and will improve their skills and knowledge.

CLICK HERE if you love Garri =)


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